Coffee & Tea

Visit the Malelani for an great cup of coffee or one of our specialty teas. We have a variety of fabulous signature drinks that you will not find anywhere else. Relax and unwind. When the weather is warm, you can sit outside. And when it is cold, come in and enjoy the warm and casual atmosphere. The Malelani Cafe will be your home away from home!

coffeeIn House Coffee:
Filter coffee – traditional drip illy coffee.
Americano – expresso shot into hot water
Doppio Espresso – double
Cream-O – Double expresso with a scoop of ice cream
Cappucimo – traditional with steamed milk and foam
Double Cappucino
Iced Cappucino – iced expresso with milk
Nescafe Frappe – Nescafe blended with ice and milk
Latte – Classic espresso drink with steamed milk
Cafe au lait – filter coffee with steamed milk
Cafe/White Mocha – espresso, steamed milk, Ghiradelli chocolate with whipped cream
Add a Flavor Shot or Add an Espresso Shot

Signature Drinks:
Railway – espresso, foam, steamed milk & condensed milk
Malelani Iced Coffee – the ultimate coffee milkshake
Malelani Tea Mocha – iced chocolate mountain mate, chocolate syrup & whipped cream

At Malelani we serve organic, loose leaf tea from Colorado. To find the perfect tea, we suggest the following steps: 1) Pick a style of tea – iced or hot. 2) Pick a flavor – do you want something fruity or minty? 3) Get your side fixings – do you like milk or agave with your tea?

Black Teas – Earl Grey, Guava Black, Ginger Peach, Tiger Hill
Green Teas – Blue Eyes (fruity), Jasmine Flowers, Morrocan Mint
Herbals – Forbidden Fruits, Evening in Missoula (mint), House Chai, Marzipan Rooiibas (almond)
Mate – Chocolate Hazelnut

Hot Cup, Hot Pot, Iced Medium, Iced Large, Agave, Tea Latte, and Bubble Tea

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Milk
Bottled Water
Small Juice
Large Juice


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