Dimitri’s Corner


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Join Dimitri for lunch and enjoy something from his special selection of menu items known as Dimitri”s Corner. You will recognize Dimitri from his big smile and friendly demeanor. His platters have helped to give the Malelani Cafe one of its signature dished – Mouissaka. All items listed are served with Greek salad and pita.

Chicken Souvlakia – Two skewers of grilled chicken breast, mushrooms and tomato served on a bed of rice.

Crab Cake Platter – A delicious meal by the seaside, a jumbo lump crab cake.

Mouissaka – Potato, eggplant and ground beef topped with a bechamel sauce.

Lamb Chops – Four loin chops served on a bed of rice.

Brisket Platter – Slow cooked, tender beef brisket served with rice.

And don’t forget these marvelous snacks and side to start or compliment your selection!

Phyllo Pie Platter – phyllo pies, hummus, olives and pita

Pita Platter – hummus, olives, feta, roasted red peppers

Sauteed Spinach with Garlic

Roasted baby red potatoes

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